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Seating is limited to 35, so please get your tickets in advance. 

Class descriptions:
Ouroboros : Communication and Reciprocity
Level: Introductory
1 hank of rope and a partner preferred but not necessary
Previous knowledge of any single-column tie will be helpful, but not necessary
Rope bondage is more than kink; it is a medium for a connection and experience. The energy at
play with rope is multi-faceted. We will explore exercises with rope, communication, and intra/inter-personal awareness in an effort to facilitate a more enriching and understanding
experience. Any skill level can participate; in fact we encourage anyone to join as these are skills that translate to our everyday life as well the lifestyle.

Hebi TK : An Evolved Box Tie

Level: Introductory - Intermediate
2 hanks of rope
A Partner
Previous experience with single column ties
Box Tie/TK experience preferred but not necessary
Keeping with the Japanese tradition in Shibari and Kinbaku, Hebi, means serpent. This box tie wraps around the body in way you may not have seen before, and ends with a cobra- like knot
in the back. Created by Alx, this takate kote was designed for the bottom’s comfort and sustainability in suspension. We will also explore a limited understanding of nerve and rope placement for safety and pleasure in bondage scenes.

Alx Christian's interest with rope began over a decade ago when, you guessed it, his preacher's daughter girlfriend asked him to tie her up. He was in love from then on, with rope, that is. Alx began studying as a serious practitioner of Shibari 5 years ago and has been active in his local community since. Connective rope appealed to Alx most as for him, the journey with rope bondage is profound and unparalleled. Seeking out knowledge and experience, he has sought to tie with as many
diverse bodies and personalities possible. As his mentor aptly put it,. Alx is trying to tie all of Tulsa. Alx believes firmly in diversification within the community - tying anyone who is willing and up for the
challenge - all genders, body shapes, disabilities, and mentalities. Noticing a trend of similar bottoms in the scene, he has made it a mission to give those who thought they couldn't because they didn’t see their demographics represented in rope- an individual and connective exposure to rope. Alx also teaches
a monthly rope class at one of his local dungeons with his co - presenter, Nefarious, providing a rope lab and safety round table. Along with teaching, Alx attends a rope class bimonthly at another local dungeon for continuing education as well as events such as BED and weekend intensives. Alx describes the
experience of rope bondage as a train ride... Two individuals on the same journey, yet having unique
and connected stimulation. He hopes to help all who wish to take this vagabondage explore, no matter
what kind of person they identify as.

New to rope, but not to the lifestyle, Nefarious has quickly become an advocate for bottoms in the scene. Nefarious literally fell for rope one night, and has been bound with it ever since. An educator and therapist by profession, the connective hypnotism she witnessed with rope piqued her interest. Enticed into a deeper understanding of this experience and art, she has attended
numerous weekend intensives, bimonthly rope classes and events such as BED, as well as independent
research. Nefarious' mission is to help others to have a similar understanding for their journey. She believes bottoms are vital to the progression of rope bondage and have a shared responsibility through having a voice and learning to work directly with their tops through increased self-awareness, empathy, and communication. Nefarious teaches a rope lab and safety round table along with Alx Christian at one of her local dungeons. She has also taught a class on the psychology of human sexuality. Nefarious
hopes to connect and grow with others through the conduit of rope.

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