How to Rape a Straight Guy

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Curt has been beaten, betrayed and brutalized by just about everyone he's known. And his mother - once a prostitute, now "born-again" and married - has banned him from the family. But six years in prison taught him a lot - including how to force straight cons to ejaculate as he rapes them, and how that can be a very satisfying method of revenge. Now he's out and trying to stay straight, but problems with his marriage and zero prospects of earning money enough to live on make that almost impossible. It's while he's hustling two gay men in a bar one afternoon that he mentions what he's done in prison. . .and the bet comes up. It seems the men, Wayne and Lenny, want a little revenge of their own against someone who's caused them trouble. If Curt can make this one "straight" guy "get off" while being assaulted, they'll give him a car, cash and a chance at a new life. Being in the mood to do some damage, Curt agrees and they start laying their plans. But step-by-step, Curt realizes things are getting out of control, and he has no one to pull him back from the abyss. And a stupid little bet is threatening to plunge him headlong into disaster.

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