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We are in the process of closing our store and liquidating our stock.  Please follow our social media for immediate updates on things.

Details about our liquidation sale starting tomorrow. Mon-Fri 2pm-8pm Sat 12-6pm 40% off all purchases in store 45% off all purchases on line. (promocode is “LOVELEATHER“) Face Mask are required NO EXCEPTIONS! 10 Persons at a time. (1 out 1 in) We will shut down for 15 min twice a day to sterilize. We will NOT be taking any custom orders, or doing any alterations during this time. All sales are final!

House Of MarKus products will NOT be discounted during this sale.

Online sales will continue till stock is liquidated.

We now have filters available that will fit into our Leather Masters face masks.

Face Mask Filters

We are also offering these same masks to the general public as they become available.

Emergency Face Mask!

Leather Masters Re-Tooled to make Face Masks

Leather Masters has always had an active leather and textiles manufacturing department equipped with the materials and expertise to make clothing with leather and cloth. In response to the current outbreak, we have re-tooled our facility to manufacture face masks that are sewn from quality cotton materials and can be used to cover your face. We are donating these masks to first responders and also making them available to the public. Please be patient with us; we are making them as fast as we can!